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Our Leadership Structure

The Pastoral Team consists of the pastor, three pastoral assistants, and one or two lay ministers. The pastor is an elder and full member of the Greater New Jersey Annual Conference. Each year, we also appoint one or two pastoral interns who serve for a one-year term under the supervision of the pastor as they explore pastoral gifts and interest.

Church decisions are made by the congregation as a whole during the Church Council meeting consisting of council chair, vice-chair, pastor, sitting ex officio, and elected officers representing the following areas of church life: administration, community life, outreach, worship and youth. Members are composed of persons representing committees of work in areas of church life. All members are elected through a gift discernment process via the Nominating Committee. The major task of Council members is to develop and implement a vision for the church's life in their designated area. Our seven ships of the church are:

Worship • Membership • Discipleship • Leadership • Stewardship • Fellowship • Servantship

Our Pastor

Dr. Lloyd Preston Terrell, pastor, prayer warrior, and holy intercessor, has been sharing the Good News of a prayer answering God and salvation through Jesus Christ for over 25 years. Dr. Terrell's motto, "pray without ceasing," has helped him stay focused on doing the Lord's work and shepherding souls for Christ in Newark, New Jersey.

As a pastor, Dr. Terrell leads the congregations of the Franklin-St. John's United Methodist Church located at 142 Maple Avenue and St. Matthew's United Methodist Church at 283 South Orange Avenue. Both locations are located in Newark, New Jersey. Both churches are known throughout the city and surrounding towns for their consistent dedication to prayer and improvement in the lives of people. Both churches are diligent in preparing the mind, body, and soul for holistic salvation from the cradle to the grave.

Dr. Lloyd Preston Terrell

At Franklin-St. John's United Methodist Church, every member is a V.I.P. (persons of vision, integrity, and purpose) Dr. Terrell established a credit union in 1998 to empower the people in the church and community to be financially secure. He is also the founder of the Franklin-St. John's Community Center. The Community Mart and Agape Food Ministry have also been organized to serve the spiritual and social needs of the people living in Newark's South Ward.

In the Central Ward of Newark, the St. Matthew's Church is praising God for changed lives. The St. Matthew's Church is a soul-saving station with an AA program, and an emergency hygiene care pantry. St. Matthew's is becoming a beacon for people walking off the streets or living in homeless shelters to find refuge in Almighty God for restoration of their souls.

Dr. Terrell doesn't just pray for his church members; he prays for you, too! Our pastor is a praying man who lives the power of prayer without ceasing. Dr. Terrell is married to Mother Marguerite Carter Terrell, and they both have seven grandchildren from their four adult children: Lloyd Jr., Alice Marguerite, Reverend Ralph Bunche Terrell (and his wife Radeyah), and Zelma Marguerite.