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Gathering Together To Feel God's Presence

Get the peace of mind you deserve in a Christian church that observes structure and shows concern for each member of the congregation. The Bible tells us that God is present whenever God's people gather in His name. In order to take benefit from God's presence, we worship together each week. We encourage everyone to partake in worship. Worship services are led by different members in our church while the whole congregation participates in reading, praise, prayers, songs, and testimonies.

Sharing Experience with Others

Sharing What You've Witnessed

Just as you've seen God's miracles work in your life, you can share your experience with others who want to seek the redemption of God and Jesus Christ. Franklin-St. John's United Methodist Church encourages members to fully understand God's plan of salvation and to effectively share their faith in weekly personal witness to friends, family, and others. Through this, our gathering will grow to incorporate new members of our church family and develop a stronger fellowship.

Religious Education That Brings Salvation

Learn more about God's Word in Sunday School classes for all ages. This biblical education is available for the entire family. Together, we'll learn how to apply the teachings of God to transform the world. If you're new to our church and seek enlightenment, we have a new member class that teaches you basic Bible doctrine, about the United Methodist Church and its various ministries. The goal of this class is to promote worship, witness, and work for discipleship and Kingdom building.